Custom metal work and finishes for any commercial, residential, industrial, or design application

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Custom Fabrication and Welding – Casino Restoration – Copper and Brass Finishes

Welcome to Southwest Metal Restoration, the Las Vegas area’s leading metal fabrication,
finishing, restoration, and specialty welding shop. We work with all types of metal, including
stainless steel, copper, bronze, brass, aluminum, and titanium, for virtually any commercial,
residential, industrial, or design application.

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Metal Finishes, Fabrication & Restoration


Dents & Scratch Removal

We specialize in dents removal, scratches, metal installation services and manufacture warranty work.

Our Vision

In our consumer culture of waste and replacement, we offer a refreshing alternative: metal restoration. We offer unparalleled restoration services for virtually any type of metal, restoring, repairing, and preserving metal surfaces that have been scratched, dented, corroded, broken, or deteriorated.

We specialize in working with both decorative and functional stainless steel, copper, brass, and titanium. At Southwest Metal Restoration, our mission is to exceed your expectations, and our dedicated, highly trained metal workers have years of experience.

Contact us today. When it comes to metal work, we’ve seen it all, and we have plenty of great ideas!

Our Clients


Residential and commercial projects – Southwest Metal Restoration works with contractors across Nevada, on residential and commercial new-build and remodeling projects.

Artists & Designers

Have a custom design or art project? We can help with everything from support structures and framework to custom finishes and textures. We also repair damaged metal – you won’t believe the results!

Signage Companies

Las Vegas is the world capitol of large-scale advertising installations. Southwest Metal Restoration works with signage companies all over Nevada. Give your clients the best – call us today.


Southwest Metal Restoration has long experience with aviation facilities work, from hand rails and security barriers to counter tops and decorative surfaces. No job is too big or small.

Fabrication Shops

When it comes to metal fabrication jobs, every project is unique. Southwest Metal Restoration helps shops with custom services for any custom fabrication, finishing, or restoration job.


The hospitality industry is the heartbeat of Las Vegas. Southwest Metal Restoration works with major hotels and casinos, building, restoring, and repairing a wide range of architectural and decorative features for hotel lobbies and suites, outdoor features, and more.