Southwest Metal Restoration

Our Story

Understanding customer satisfaction comes second nature to us. When it comes to metal restorations, every surface is different. As a local Las Vegas business, we understand that each customer’s need is unique. Our services are customized to your specifications. We welcome hotel lobbies, mirrors, canopies, restaurants, casino’s, etc. If your surface is metal and it needs renewing or repair, we are you one stop shop for all metal restoration projects

Our Vision

Metal is all around us. In our consumer culture of waste and replacement, we offer a an alternative. Metal restoration. Through our specially developed techniques, we offer unparalleled restoration services of virtually any metal surface. We are able to restore, preserve, and repair metal surfaces that have been scratched, corroded, or deteriorated over time. Specializing in stainless steel, copper, brass, titanium, chrome, and nickel plating. Our vision and belief is to renew, not replace.

One stop shop from raw material to finish products

Quality Service

We know what we are doing. Plain and simple. We take our work seriously, and will deliver a high quality product. That’s our guarantee.

Friendly Staff

Our staff has been explicitly trained in all aspects of Metal Restoration. We love to help our customers, and pride ourselves on our ability to provide a friendly, human face to help you solve your problems.

Variety and Selection

When it comes to metal restoration and replacement, we know that there are many choices to make. The most important of which is how your metal looks. Our variety of products is vast and bound to have everything you could possibly want. 

Customer Support

Every project is unique. And with every unique project, new challenges can present themselves. We fully understand this, and that’s why our staff is happy to go above and beyond to solve any issues you may be facing regarding your door restoration needs. 

Affordable Prices

Competitive pricing is important in any market. At our company we are determined to provide an industry standard, and easily affordable price, without sacrificing quality. Get what you want, at the price you want to pay for it.

Fast Processing

Metal Restoration and Replacement is a many step process. Our experts are familiar with your needs and desires and know how to get you what you need quickly without the concern for unnecessary red tape.