Painting & Patinas

Painting & Patinas

We can apply any types of metal painting: commercial exteriors and interiors, retail shops and strip malls, office buildings, health-care facilities, storefronts, and more. We do precise color matching, paint removal, and specialty treatments, including antique finishes.

We use a variety of coatings and finishes, including paint and polyurethane, matte finishes, epoxy, and other specialty coatings. We specialize in environmentally friendly, low-VOC green paints and finishes.


We’ll incorporate patinas to create an even more unique look for copper, steel, brass, and bronze surfaces. Southwest Metal Restoration uses a variety of patina techniques, including commercial painting, acid finishes, and lacquers. We also apply patinas for ornamental, bluing, and faux metallic finishes.

Common patina applications include hardware, faucets, lighting fixtures, door handles, water fountains, sculptures, architectural panels, and more.

Patina Types

We Provide Following Patina Types: Hot Patina, Cold Patina, Interior Patina, Exterior Patina.

Patina Finishes

We Provide Following Patina Finishes: Antique , Oil Rubbed, Galvanized, Black, Green, Rustic , Bronze, Brass, Copper.